About us

Vivonio's philosophy is based on three main pillars:

Our customers:

It is our goal to offer our customers outstanding and innovative products at a first-class cost/performance ratio. We desire to deliver excellent service and best quality products.

Continuous improvement:

We demand that our companies develop and improve on a continuous basis. Therefore, we invest in growing technologies (e.g. light-weight boards) and functional improvements. Operational excellence is the paramount objective of all that we do.


We seek to continue acquiring first-class furniture manufacturers in Europe. Possible new acquisitions may expand our product or customer portfolio, our regional presence or contribute through vertical integration. In addition to supplying capital, we are also able to offer management resources with relevant market expertise.

Facts about Vivonio Furniture Group:

  • Workforce: 1200 employees
  • Turnover: 300 million EUR
  • Sites: Wittichenau, Kasendorf, Bad Saulgau, Dienville