Staud Sciae Maja

1653: Matthäus Staud establishes a carpenter's shop in Bad Saulgau, Germany


1920: Specialization on bedroom furniture and start of industrial furniture production


1949: Expansion of production capacity with a second plant in Bad Saulgau, Germany

1948: Foundation of Sciannaméa Furniture Group by Georges Sciannaméa, a French craftsman making wooden furniture and toys


1964: Denis Lavandier joins the company as head of production

1971: Acquisition of Jams Meubles

1964: Foundation of MAJA in Kulmbach-Melkendorf, Germany, by Manfred Jarosch

1972-74: Expansion of production with a new plant in Kasendorf and a distribution subsidiary in Berlin, Germany


1977: Acquisition of Dienville production site by Denis Lavandier and other investors, re-named SCIAE

1976-78: Considerable expansion of production area in Kasendorf

Late 1980s: IKEA becomes a customer


1990: Production improvements through implementation of new production technologies

1990s: Change from fabric-covered to lacquered bedroom furniture

1995: Acquisition of Constantini Company

1998: Denis Lavandier becomes sole owner

1991-93: Construction and expansion of additional plant in Wittichenau – mainly for the manufacturing of lacquered furniture in large lot sizes


2000: Introduction of Sinfonie Plus

2005: Two Bad Saulgau plants are merged into one new manufacturing location and a new HQ building is added

2009: Sale by Staud family to investors advised by Orlando Management AG


2006: Further expansion of capacity in Wittichenau

2008: Sale by Manfred Jarosch to investors advised by Orlando Management AG



2010: Opening of Sciae’s own show room with many novelties

2010: Sale by Denis Lavandier to investors advised by Orlando Management AG

2011: Long-term contract with IKEA for BOLM (board on light material) production in Wittichenau

2012: Construction of a new production and storage building in Wittichenau of 45,000 sqm


Consolidation under the direction of Vivonio


Inauguration of the expansion site for lightweight construction in Wittichenau by the Prime Minister of Saxony Stanislaw Tillich


50 year company anniversary and brand relaunch